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Collaborative Care

True North - Collaborative Care

A holistic approach to healthy living.

TrueNorth Wellness Services and Family First Health provide behavioral health services as part of routine care.  This integrated mindset and approach breaks down barriers to achieve better health outcomes for each patient.

This partnership shows that a cohesive and melded approach can deliver improved whole health and wellness by offering comprehensive and accessible primary, behavioral health and wellness services together.

Through Collaborative Care, a behavioral health consultant works on site at the primary care center to follow up on behavioral health issues identified through a patient health questionnaire administered at each visit.

Different from traditional approaches, Family First Health and TrueNorth Wellness Services are leading the way in changing how total wellness should be evolving both in practitioner approach and patient mindset.

Our partnership establishes a more consistent model to best utilize primary care provider skills without adding burden, remove associated stigma or fear among patients with specialized referrals, and eliminate additional barriers to treatment.