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helping our clients maintain a life of wellness through comprehensive, preventative and healing services.

About Us


True North - About Us

TrueNorth Wellness Services provides comprehensive and personal approaches to empower individuals in maintaining a life of wellness through preventative and healing services. Through counseling services, emergency crisis support, residential and vocational services, education and prevention, and lifestyle management services, our entire focus is to provide expert support and all-around care designed for the individual’s needs. Our skilled staff works to provide a comforting environment that inspires healthy living and moves clients toward achieving a lifetime of wellness.

Customizing our behavioral health and wellness services to support our clients’ needs has, and always will be, our first priority. Our team of qualified professionals strives to create a place for healing where clients feel welcome and are encouraged to play an active role in their own well-being. Quite simply, we are a partner in their success—working together to develop a wellness plan.

Our service programs offer flexible and accessible solutions designed with results in mind. From behavioral health to wellness, TrueNorth Wellness Services is continuing to expand to accommodate our clients with all of the necessary tools they need to achieve their wellness goals. Working one-on-one, our expert staff guides individuals to achieving their personal best.


TrueNorth Wellness Services adheres to the highest level of ethical conduct and expects everyone associated with TrueNorth to adhere to a standard code of ethics. All staff, including contractors, are expected to follow the same standard code of ethics. Staff are expected to always consider the best interest of the client, not the interest of themselves, in all decisions. For a complete copy of our Code of Ethics policy, please call 717-632-4900.