Residential and Community Support Services

Assisted Living Program

The Assisted Living homes are three-bedroom, ranch style homes, designed to support individuals with a history of mental health concerns. The individuals residing in this program typically have medical needs that require increased monitoring (such as dietary restrictions, additional supports for daily hygiene, etc.) The program is staffed 24/7 and all referrals must be made to the York/Adams MH-IDD program.

Locations: Hanover, Littlestown, York

Community Residential Rehabilitation Program

The CRR Program is designed to assist adults with a mental health history live in a safe, home-like environment, while empowering each consumer to reach their highest level of independence. This program provides a structured "group home" setting, in addition to training and assistance with symptom management, interpersonal skills, and daily living skills.

Locations: Hanover

Supportive Living Program / Community Hospital Integration Project Program (CHIPP)

The CHIP Program provides community-based housing and 24/7 staff assistance to individuals, formerly living in psychiatric state hospitals or other structured living settings. The program provides an array of support services such as medication monitoring, transportation, etc., to individuals living in a clustered apartment setting.

Locations: Chambersburg, Hanover, York

Supported Housing Program

In the Supported Housing Program, individuals locate and secure their own apartment while Supported Housing provides the level of support services necessary for the individual to maintain their independence (assistance with transportation, daily living skills, etc.).

Locations: Adams and York Counties

Social Rehabilitation Services

Our psychosocial rehabilitation program is designed to provide an educational, recreational, and supportive environment for the enrichment and development of individuals with mental disorders. Our center offers daily living skills, vocational goals and socialization classes that help individuals to understand and accept their mental illness and live in their community of choice without recurring hospitalization.

Locations: Hanover

Community Support

For more information on these services, please call 717-632-4900 and select Option 2 to speak with one of our Customer Service Specialists. Due to HIPAA regulations, our staff is unable to respond to client emails.