TrueNorth in the Community: November 2019

TrueNorth Residential staff participated in a ReEntry Simulation coordinated by the York County ReEntry Coalition


Angie Dougherty, Laura Bosley, Ruthie Stanley and Krista Hymes - all Residential staff - participated in a ReEntry Simulation coordinated by the York County ReEntry Coalition. The purpose was for providers to gain knowledge on the difficulties and barriers individuals recently released from the prison system sometimes face.  



 SAP Therapist, Christine Stoken, attended the Mental Health Fair at SouthWestern High School 

SAP Therapist, Christine Stoken, recently attended the Mental Health Fair at SouthWestern High School.




Fall Potluck at the Harrisburg Office

The Harrisburg office hosted a Fall Potluck for Staff in early October. Lots of good food and fun for all!



Fall Tea hosted by the Coffee Clash Committee

The Coffee Clash Committee hosted a Fall Tea for their quarterly staff de-stress event.  The committee provided an array of snacks for everyone to enjoy with either their tea or coffee. Virginia Hicks started off with a speech about change and gave everyone a copy of a quote she found. “We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing, consequences give us the pain that motivates us to change,” by Henry Cloud. The Committee then split the room up into pairs and Kaye Brown conducted “Tea Trivia.” Each team had a white board with their “tea team name” on them. Each group answered questions about tea and earned points for each correct answer. Winning teams: Team Oolong and Team Chai, won an extra entry to win the Fall Wreath that Virginia made. After the trivia was over, the Committee opened the room for everyone to participate in taking pictures using the tea inspired props in the photo booth area and for everyone to participate in making potpourri bags to take home.



Silhouette of hands holding HOPE letters against bright skySandy Bankert, TrueNorth's Quality Improvement Coordinator, attended a mental health awareness event at Church of the Open Door in West York in October. On of the Church's goals for community outreach is to have positive impact on eliminating the stigma around mental health.  So, they invited multiple behavioral health providers to both their West and East York campuses to share resources with attendees. The event was very well received and Sandy had the opportunity to interact with people who may not have otherwise been able to have an open conversation about mental wellness.