Meet TrueNorth


Susan Hoke

Susan Hoke
Human Resources, Payroll Administrator

I joined the TrueNorth team this past November as the Human Resources/Payroll Admin. Prior to coming here, I worked for 15 years at the Hanover BonTon , the last 7-8 years of which I was the Human Resource Manager. And, most recently, I served as Human Resources Clerical for the Target in Hanover.

There are many aspects to my role at TrueNorth, but the task I perform that I feel staff would think is most important is assisting in making sure everyone is paid correctly. 

My favorite part in joining the team is how welcoming everyone has been! Coming from a retail background, I have found it very interesting learning about the health care field. I also love hearing the train go past at Elm Ave (seriously I do!).

In my spare time outside work, I enjoy reading and hiking.


Jim Wissler

Jim Wissler
TrueNorth Board Treasurer

It is my pleasure to participate in the Wellness Wire newsletter Meet the Board Member Feature. 

As background information, I grew up in Lancaster County on a farm built by my family in 1754. It is no longer in my family but remains an active farm. I am a graduate of Ephrata High school and attended college in Boston where I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees.

My entire career has been in health care management. Starting my management career in Boston as Director of Cardiopulmonary Services and advancing through various management positions to CEO. I've worked in hospitals in Boston, Vermont, New York and Pennsylvania, and retired as President/CEO of Hanover Hospital. 

My interests on the TrueNorth Wellness Board are financial management, strategic development and governance and I recently took on the role of Board Treasurer. My career has given me insight into those areas and hopefully I will be able to provide valuable input as together, board and management address the challenging healthcare environment.

I have learned much about TrueNorth programs and the commitment and enthusiasm of our staff through the program presentations at Board meetings. These presentations are informative and provide insight regarding the function and increasing demand for each service and we are better informed about the challenges and opportunities each program faces. This background information is invaluable in helping the board make informed decisions. 

In my spare time I enjoy traveling bicycling, gardening, golfing, exercising and volunteering. The joy of retirement is being able to give back to our community. I look forward to providing input that helps TrueNorth remain a strong and vibrant and growing organization.