Employees of the Month

Scott KemperScott Kemper - Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Therapist
2020 was difficult and stressful for all of us. Through all of the ups and downs, Scott has made sure he makes the rounds daily at the Elm Avenue office to say hi to co-workers and tell a silly joke to everyone he sees.  This simple act has provided everyone in the office with moments of laughter and smiles that brighten the day and reduce stress. Thank you, Scott, for spreading a ray of sunshine throughout the office!













Michael LandsmanMichael Landsman - Work Program Crew Mike is always cheerful and helpful when he visits different locations, and his positive attitude is infectious. During a recent visit to our Harrisburg location, Mike saw the front office staff was busy and made a point of asking a customer in the waiting room if they’d been helped. When the customer said no, Mike let the staff know so the individual could be checked in for his appointment. Going the extra step shows what a team player he is, and Mike’s attention to customer care is very much appreciated! Thanks, Mike for going above and beyond!