Give Local York - May 7, 2021

TrueNorth Community Education Initiative

In a year+ of uncertainty, loss, fear, divisiveness, ups and downs, homeschooling, working from home, anxiety and so much more, we have all experienced mental health concerns in some manner.  Across the country, the need for mental health services have increased. But, due to various circumstances -- a fear of stigma, not enough support, waiting lists, etc -- people may not be getting the help they need.  Wanting to meet people where they are with what they need in the moment, TrueNorth Wellness Services is happy to launch it's Community Education Initiative... an offering of information at your fingertips to get some answers and direction whenever you need it as you navigate uncertain waters.

Pocast IconStarting with the launch of a monthly Podcast, each installment will feature a round-table discussion with TrueNorth staff from various departments talking through important topics of concern within the community... anxiety, depression, suicide prevention and more.  Every episode will give tips and ideas for self-care, as well as info on how to seek out a provider who can provide personalized, professional care.

Video IconNext, we will offer weekly videos via social media with quick tips on mindful living. And, we will expand our community resource listing on our website.

Planning IconWe are still in the planning process to offer classes, seminars/webinars, Q&A sessions, Community groups, activities and trainings throughout the year, with almost all offerings being free or very low cost to attendees.

Arrow IconThis is where YOU come in!!  On Friday, May 7th we will join the Give Local York day of giving to raise money to fund this new initiative.  Our goal is to raise $6,000 to help cover costs for podcast equipment and production, as well as planning costs and ticket fees for community groups and events.

Any amount is appreciated - and matched through the J. William Warehime Foundation {up to $2,500}!
Click the button below to GIVE from midnight-11:59pm on May 7th.

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